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About Us

Since 1990 Benny Bullys® has been a leader in pet treat innovation – a pioneer in new pure natural pet treats.

Pet owners and in particular dog trainers, have discovered Benny Bully’s Pet Treats™ as a nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditional pet treats. We developed an innovative cutting and drying process, as an alternative to conventional food preservatives, making Benny Bully’s one of the few “no chemicals added” treats on the market today. Made from pure natural beef livers, we sliced and specially sized each piece to provide easy feeding, maximum palatability and attract the most hard to please pets. Benny Bully’s pure natural fillets of beef liver, offer your pet a full true flavour. Benny Bully’s is hand selected from government inspected meat sections for the health conscious pet owner.

Benny Bully's Innovative Process
Originally known for its highly palatable single ingredient Pure Beef Liver, Benny Bullys® have also proven to be a nutritious alternative to traditional pet treats.

Our engineers have developed a NEW dog treat, Benny Bullys® Beef Liver Plus™, made with an added SINGLE INGREDIENT, that provides the same palatable treat with a choice of functional health benefits.

PUMPKIN - for stool assist
SWEET POTATO - for nutrient rich carbs
BANANA - rich source of valuable electrolytes
APPLE - rich source of phyto-nutrients

In addition we developed a process that combines all 4 ingredients
above with pure beef liver providing a true balance between palatability and nutrition

NUTRIMIX ® - pure beef liver and all four of the above

Benny Bullys® has been a top seller in ONLY pet food specialty outlets worldwide, and our staff support the dealer in this regard.
Benny Bullys® is available in pet specialty chains, independents as well as large veterinary supply distributors, pet food distributors, and about 3000 dog training facilities worldwide. Benny Bullys® has become popular in leading retailers focusing on healthy, natural nutrition for dogs and cats.

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