Made In Canada

Pet owners and in particular dog trainers, have discovered Benny Bullys® Treats; as a nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditional dog treats. We added real apple, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin, hemp and kelp to the beef liver in our familiar Benny Bullys Liver Chops®, making Benny Bullys® Plus a delicious blend of nutritious and tasty pure natural ingredients.

NEW ! Benny Bullys® Liver Plus Kelp

NEW Benny Bully's Liver Plus Kelp


• Kelp is a nutritious edible sea vegetable that can benefit puppies and growing dogs
• Kelp is a rich natural source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements and has a nourishing effect on the dogs system
• Contains protein and amino acids that can help manage a healthy skin & coat
• High fiber content helps digestion